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Indois Times Report : Indois to set up Universities for U.Indian students

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Indois Times Report : Indois to set up Universities for U.Indian students

Post  Indois on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:29 pm

Bharat City, December 15: The Indois Government announced yesterday a plan to setup 5 universities in different parts of Indois at an estimated cost of Rs.500 Crores .

The announcement was greeted widely by all Members of Parliament when the Education Minister announced the Government's New Educational Policy to promote education in Undivided India.

The Indois Times spoke to the Education Minister, Vikram Patel, after this landmark announcement. Excerpts from the interview :

Sir, your announcement has been hailed across all sections of the Indois population. What prompted you to take such a milestone decision ?

The whole idea was the President's. I have just carried out his orders ! He initially got this idea after Sonnveld mentioned Education in its vision for Undivided India.This idea has been on the table for quite some time. However, we didn't want to commit ourselves to it before anything concrete was decided.

What does this now mean for Indois and in the larger picture, what does this mean for Undivided India ?

For Indois, this announcement undoubtedly is of great significance. Indois being a very important player in Education, this model will generate a lot of jobs in the Education Industry directly contributing to our per capita income and indirectly improving our GDP. Moreover, it will open up new avenues for Research in Indois and will hugely boost the infrastructure for Research activities.

But we will not shy away from saying that the actual beneficiaries of this new setup will be the other nationals of Undivided India. It is them we are actually catering to. We want to make Indois the leading educational destination of Undivided India.
It will offer our students more stiff competition and improve their Regional exposure. The net outcome will be that our students and theirs will form a very resourceful new generation of Citizens.

Purists may argue that you are commercialising education and hence oppose this.Your thoughts on that ?

Let me put it this way. Education can be a very useful commodity. It is a potential resource which needs to be tapped more effectively for us to generate infinite knowledge.

We possess this resource in abundance. So, if we can offer this as a package to foreign students, they get a wider knowledge base and we get income. Its a win-win situation.

When will these universities be launched and what kinds of courses will be on the offer ?

We are working to ensure that the next batch passing out of High School can appear for the entrance tests. We see this to be our deadline and are pretty confident of being able to achieve it.

As far as the courses on offer are concerned, we will be launching the brochures soon. Until then I cannot make any comments on it.

And their locations ? All in Indois ?

So far yes, we have been planning to have all of them inside Indois mainly because we can offer to the students everything associated as a complete package.

However, if other nations are ready to provide students with the entire package too, we would not mind foreign campuses.

Thank you Minister for speaking to us ! We really hope this venture turns out to be successful.

Thank you. Im sure it will !

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Re: Indois Times Report : Indois to set up Universities for U.Indian students

Post  SONNVELD on Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:57 pm

The Nomadic Tribes of Sonnveld whole-heartily and unreservedly applaud Indois's bold steps towards a robust Education system for Undivided India.

Sonnveld would like to be the first to bid for a University of Indois campus in our capitol of Mysore. We have a tradition of education ourselves, but it is mostly based on the tradesman's progression of apprentice-journeyman-master. We will continue that program and think that scholarship will dovetail nicely with it; if the Mysore campus works well, we will consider satellite campuses in our Sri Lanka and Kathmandu colonies.

[raising a cup of chai] Here's to a 100% literate Undivided India, my great friend! [klink] sunny

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Re: Indois Times Report : Indois to set up Universities for U.Indian students

Post  Abhuland on Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:25 pm

we also would like to bid for a Indois Univerisiy in our capital of Dehradun


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Re: Indois Times Report : Indois to set up Universities for U.Indian students

Post  clandon on Fri Dec 18, 2009 7:54 pm

As stated in my RP thread, Clandon wishes an Indain university to built in St. Clandon's.

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Indian University : A Presentation by Vikram Patel to potential Partners

Post  Indois on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:15 pm

Good morning, respected Heads of States.

Firstly, I must begin by saying that the Indois Government has been overwhelmed by the response that this new venture of ours received. It is an encouraging sign that Education features so prominently on the priorities of so many nations in Undivided India. This shows that we are o the right path to glory.

Indois has always believed that education is the medicine for all diseases in the society. Education philosophically as well as practially improves the quality of thought process.The Govt. of Indois has always firmly resolved to improve the quality of eduation in its nation and on a larger platform, the quality of education in Undivided India. This resolve led to the New Educational Policy.

I will fill you in about the basic details of this policy seeing that you haven't heard about this from the Govt. Media reports are often misleading though I trust the Indain media a bit more than myself...haha... !

So, as you must know, we were looking to set up 4 different Universities in Indois. But now seeing that there are 3 other players interested, we decided to take the number up to 6. Of these 6, 3 will be in Indois, and 1 each in Clandon, Sonnveld and Abhuland.

The six Universities will be :

1) Indain University of Vedic Sciences (2)
3) Indain University of Medical Sciences (2)
5) Indain University of Arts and Culture
6) Indain University of Engineering

Let me explain to you in brief what each University will do.

Indain University of Vedic Sciences

We are familiar with the Vedas-the ancient Indian Scientific Scriptures. Over the years, most scientific principles of the modern world are found in some form in the Vedas.The University aims to promote Vedic studies. To start with, the University will offer the following courses
B.V.Sc Vedic Physics,
B.V.Sc Vedic Mathematics,
B.V.Sc Vedic Architecture,
B.V.Sc Vedic Astronomy.

M.V.Sc Vedic Quantum Theory
M.V.Sc Mathematical Analysis

Indain University of Medical Sciences

The University will be a regular Medical college offering
Master of Allopathy
Master of Homeopathy
Master of Ayurveda
Master of Unani
Master of Alternative Medicine (Chinese Medicine System)

Indain University of Arts and Culture

The University will offer courses
B.A.Literature - Sanskrit,Arabic,Persian,English.
B.A.Archaeology and History

Indain University of Engineering

This is a much more toned down version of the Vedic Sciences. This is mainly for students who aspire for B.V.Sc but do not get seats there or for students with extraordinary talent with computers.Courses on offer :

B.E.Mechanical Engg.
B.E.Computer Science and Engg.
B.E.Electrical and Electronics Engg.

One Indain University of Vedic Sciences, one Indain University of Medical Sciences and the Indian University of Engineering shall be located in Indois.The remaining three Universities are welcome to be invited to the other nations.The courses may be re framed depending upon the demands of its host.

For a campus outside Indois, the nation first has to sign an MoU with the Govt of India. The exact text of the MoU is unavailable with us at the moment. The basic terms (rough draft) are :

1. The host gets to choose courses pertaining to the University located in his nation.
2. The University staff (including faculty and office employees) shall be 75 % Indain. 25% of the staff shall be employed from the country.
3. Admissions shall be open to the whole of Undivided India.
4. The admission of students into the University shall be made WITHOUT ANY RESERVATIONS to students of any country.
5. Admission will be based on a real time entrance exam.
6. Fees will all be decided by a Board of Directors having proportional representatives from each university.

There may be new points added in the final MoU but nothing contrary to the interest of the nations.

Also, an important point to be noted is that there will not be any bidding for having a campus in a nation. AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE CAMPUSES IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Whether or not to have any more campuses will be decided by the Board of Directors after gauging the response to these 6 Universities.

I hope I have been clear in my explanation. Any queries, or I daresay irregularities, may be pointed out !

Thank you for patiently listening through.
Have a Nice Day.

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Re: Indois Times Report : Indois to set up Universities for U.Indian students

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